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Sean McKissick over at Curveball City, which has covered all things Oakland Athletics since 2005 (!), paid us the very nice compliment above in his post today about the trade of minor leaguer Stephen Parker (who we have on our list of Mormon players). Sean apparently came upon Mormon Baseball in a google search, and filled out the trio of Mormon “proto-Athletics” that have been so impressive in Spring Training this year.

Wow! Thanks for the shout out, Sean!

Unfortunately, Curveball City doesn’t allow comments from the unregistered, and doesn’t allow just anyone to register, so I don’t have any way of thanking Sean there for his kind words. I’m working on contacting him.

Like me, Sean is particularly impressed with Shane Peterson, and he writes:

By the way, Shane?  Assuming you’re the sort of vainglorious athlete that Googles himself on a regular basis and as such makes a practice of reading posts on obscure blogs read by no one? … I’d be thrilled to set you up as a fireside speaker or something the next time you’re in the Los Angeles area…

Given that its not possible to comment on Curveball City, I’m not sure how Shane should contact him, but, on the off chance you see this, Sean, I may be able to put you in contact with Shane…

In any case, thanks for the link. Let me know if I can help you out somehow.

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  • Sean says:

    I feel extremely dumb admitting this, but I had literally no idea that it was difficult to comment on my site. In case it wasn’t apparent from the site’s look, web design isn’t really my thing. Either way, thanks for the write-up. I am very, very happy that a site like this exists.

  • Th. says:


    Oh, yeah. I did know about this blog. Sean and I almost published a book together once through Zarahemla.

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