PostHeaderIcon Both Teams with Mormons Lose: Majors Post-Season Update 3 October 2013

Only one of three Mormon players on playoff teams in action last night stepped on the field, but neither of the two teams with Mormon players won, as the Los Angeles Dogers beat the Atlanta Braves 6-1 and the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 9-1.

Elliot Johnson was the first Mormon player to take the field in this year’s playoffs, starting the game at second base for the Braves. But the speedy Johnson was 0-4 at the plate, including 3 strike outs, and never really got a chance to steal a base. Johnson will likely see much of the playing time in the NLDS, because the Braves have left Dan Uggla off the roster, probably because his performance at the plate this year has been poor.

Neither Pirates backup catcher John Buck nor reliever Kyle Farnsworth played in the Pirate’s losing effort.

All of the remaining teams with Mormon players see action in today’s games.


National League:

Atlanta Braves

The Braves lost the first game of their 5-game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday, October 3rd. The second game is Friday evening, October 4th.

  • Elliot Johnson, backup 2nd baseman.
    Playoffs: hasn’t appeared yet.
    Regular Season: .209, 27 runs, 19 rbi, 2 hr, 16 bb, 22 sb, 67 so in 254 at bats.

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates lost the 1st game of the 5-game series against the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday, October 3rd. The second game is on Friday afternoon, October 4th.

  • John Buck, backup catcher
    Playoffs: hasn’t appeared yet.
    Regular Season: .219, 39 runs, 62 rbi, 15 hr, 29 bb, 2 sb, 104 so in 392 at bats.
  • Kyle Farnsworth, relief pitcher
    Playoffs: hasn’t appeared yet.
    Regular Season: 3-1, era 4.70, 43 hits, 20 er, 10 bb and 28 k in 38.1 innings

American League:

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox play the Tampa Bay Rays starting Friday, October 4th.

  • Jacoby Ellsbury, starting outfielder
    Playoffs: hasn’t appeared yet.
    Regular Season: .298, 92 runs, 53 rbi, 9 hr, 47 bb, 52 sb, 92 so in 577 at bats.

Detroit Tigers

The Tigers face the Oakland As starting Friday, October 4th.

  • Doug Fister, starting pitcher
    Playoffs: hasn’t appeared yet.
    Regular Season: 14-9, era 3.67, 229 hits, 85 er, 44 bb and 159 k in 208.2 innings

Oakland As

The As begin the playoffs against the Detroit Tigers starting Friday, October 4th

  • Eric Sogard, backup infielder
    Playoffs: hasn’t appeared yet.
    Regular Season: .266, 45 run, 35 rbi, 2 hr, 27 bb, 10 sb, 51 so in 368 at bats

Texas Rangers

The Rangers faced the Tampa Bay Rays in a playoff-game September 30th to see which team would get the final playoff spot. The Rangers lost, 5-2.

  • Adam Rosales, backup infielder
    Playoffs: did not appear.
    Regular Season: .190, 15 runs, 12 rbi, 5 hr, 10 bb, 0 sb, 34 so in 147 at bats.

I will try to keep us all up-to-date with the status of these players throughout the post-season. Enjoy!

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