PostHeaderIcon Postseason participation is set: Harper & Rosales are Mormons to make it

With the elimination of the Tampa Bay Rays (and a couple of other AL teams) yesterday, the teams that will make the post season are now set (although who will lead the AL East and AL West vs. who will be the AL wild card teams isn’t yet certain). As a result we now know which Mormon players will make the post season this year: Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals and Adam Rosales of the Oakland As.

Of the two, Rosales will most likely have the more difficult time. The As will most likely have a wild card spot, which requires first winning a one-game playoff against the other wild card team. Then the winner plays the team with the best record in the league—currently either the Yankees or the Rangers.

Harper’s Nationals, on the other hand, are currently tied with the Reds or the best record in baseball. Its not hard to see them going all the way.

While I wash there were a few more Mormon players in the post season, it will still be fun to see how these two do play this time.

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  • Jacob S. says:

    Tough start for Harper so far, 1 hit 6 SO in 10 AB, and seems to be swinging for the fences every time up. Hopefully he’ll settle down a bit and get into the flow of the game a little more. The jitters of a 19 y.o. in his first postseason are probably pretty intense.

    It looks as though Rosales won’t be seeing a lot of time on the field, unfortunately.

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