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PostHeaderIcon Fans Fail Sogard in “Face of MLB” Final

eric-sogardOakland As 2nd baseman and LDS Church member Eric Sogard finished behind the Mets’ David Wright in the final in MLB’s “Face of MLB” popularity contest. The twitter-based vote finished at 8am EST today and the results were announced on MLB Network’s Hot Stove at 9am.

The Face of MLB contest is basically an MLB promotional campaign to engage fans for the upcoming season. Each team nominates a player who then faces a player from another team in a day-long twitter vote. The winner advances to the next round in an elimination contest that ended with the final round that finished today.

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PostHeaderIcon Status of Mormons in Majors 20 January 2013

I’ve neglected following the transactions and changing status of the Mormon players for the past several months — a bit of a vacation, I suppose. But with spring training rapidly approaching, I thought I should get the status up to date and start following where everyone is. Today’s update only includes the players who played in the Majors last year.

There are still a couple of players who have played in the majors in previous years whose status is uncertain—Kyle Farnsworth and Brandon Lyon both had strong enough years in 2012 that I think they are likely to be picked up by someone.

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PostHeaderIcon Still Slumping Through These Postseason Games: MLB Postseason Update 12 October

Bryce Harper is still mired in a slump that has left him with just one post-season hit in 18 at bats. But while he has had to content himself with his performance in the field, his team, the Washington Nationals, have managed to keep alive, winning yesterday to force a 5th and deciding game with the St. Louis Cardinals. I’m sure that both Harper and his team are thinking this would be a great time for his bat to wake up!

Meanwhile, the other Mormon playing in the MLB postseason, Oakland As backup 2nd baseman Adam Rosales, has been eliminated along with his team. Rosales never got a chance to play in what would have been his first MLB postseason appearance. Perhaps he will get another shot in the future.

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PostHeaderIcon No Joy in Harperville: Postseason MLB Update 11 October

Can we still say “no joy in mudville” if Casey doesn’t get a hit, but also doesn’t strike out? In yesterday’s game against the Cardinals, Bryce Harper didn’t strike out, but he also didn’t get a hit in 5 trips to the plate. His postseason average is down to .067! Perhaps post season pitching is just that much better? too much for a 19-year-old rookie?

At least Harper is getting a chance. The Oakland As backup 2nd baseman, Adam Rosales, still hasn’t reached the plate. For Rosales and the As everything is on the line in tonight’s game against the Tigers; the two teams are tied in their series at 2 games apiece.

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PostHeaderIcon Postseason participation is set: Harper & Rosales are Mormons to make it

With the elimination of the Tampa Bay Rays (and a couple of other AL teams) yesterday, the teams that will make the post season are now set (although who will lead the AL East and AL West vs. who will be the AL wild card teams isn’t yet certain). As a result we now know which Mormon players will make the post season this year: Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals and Adam Rosales of the Oakland As.

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