PostHeaderIcon No Joy in Harperville: Postseason MLB Update 11 October

Can we still say “no joy in mudville” if Casey doesn’t get a hit, but also doesn’t strike out? In yesterday’s game against the Cardinals, Bryce Harper didn’t strike out, but he also didn’t get a hit in 5 trips to the plate. His postseason average is down to .067! Perhaps post season pitching is just that much better? too much for a 19-year-old rookie?

At least Harper is getting a chance. The Oakland As backup 2nd baseman, Adam Rosales, still hasn’t reached the plate. For Rosales and the As everything is on the line in tonight’s game against the Tigers; the two teams are tied in their series at 2 games apiece.



  • Bryce Harper — left field — Washington Nationals
    0 for 5 (.000), 0 runs, 0 rbi, 0 hr, 0 bb, 0 sb, 0 so
    Post season totals:  1 for 15 (.067), 0 runs, 0 rbi, 0 hr, 0 bb, 0 sb, 6 so
    Reg Season: .270, 98 runs, 59 rbi, 22 hr, 56 bb, 18 sb, 120 so in 533 at bats.
  • Adam Rosales — 2B — Oakland A’s
    Has not played.
    Reg Season: .222, 12 run, 8 rbi, 11 bb, 0 sb, 24 k in 99 at bats.

Foreign Leagues:

  • Mitch Talbot — starting pitcher (right handed) — Samsung Lions (Korea)
    Team doesn’t play until October 24.
    Reg Season: 13-3, 3.88 era, 124 h, 55 er, 7 hr, 65 k, 47 bb in 127.2 innings

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  • Jacob S. says:

    And then there was one. The A’s were unfortunately eliminated last night and Rosales never got on the field. Here’s to hoping for a Harper walk-off tonight.

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